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ORKO has a host of powerful features, that helps you build a data collection and tracking application with an ease.

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Zero Code

A no-code application, that just follows the click of your mouse.

Define data fields, build context, create rules and automate the flow of data; all this by just a drag and drop.


Intuitively designed to transform complex rules into simple steps.

Build exception rules using a powerful logic builder, designed to intuitively guide you to create exception rules at every field level, for filtering anomalies and collecting accurate verified data.


Automate data flows and build smart applications

Build workflows between fields, forms and other integrated ERPs and transform simple data collection into smart automated applications.


Collaborate with teams on data flows in realtime

Get real time view on data being collected by your distributed teams and connect with live chat for discussions and support on the type of data that needs to be collected.


Analyze data in real time with live data visualization board

ORKO provides rich visual analytics for easy and quick interpretation of data flows at multiple levels with colntolled access as per roles and pre defined hierarchies.


Get veriefied data updates

Every data that is collected and shared on ORKO is verified by an automated location, time and user/application stamp, authenticating the origin and the movement of data.

Data Types

Compute on more than 30 different data types

ORKO can identify and categorize more than 30 different alpha numeric, scientific and mathematical data types, allowing the users to collect rich data and compute upon them.


Create multiple roles

ORKO allows users to create multiple roles and hierarchies on a data collection project, with pre-defined controlled access to data, analytics and other team members.


Connected with a host of cloud based smart applications.

ORKO comes preintegrated with a bunch of smart cloud based business applications. This allows seamless integration on data collection, updates and exports between applications.

Pre-Integrated Applications


Collect data via smart sensors

ORKO comes pre-integrated with some renowned sensor brands that are connected with the ORKO IoT cloud. This enables direct data collection from smart devices on to ORKO.

Pre-Integrated Smart devices

ORKO® comes packed with features that caters to all types of organizations.


No. ORKO is more than a Form Builder and Publishing application. ORKO allows, users to build customized data applications for sales, operations, customer relations and much more.

ORKO allows its users to build exception rules and data flow processes without using any programming language code. The User can just select, drag, and drop to build flows and rules.

ORKO is built for Team Heads, Process Managers, Educationists and Researchers that require to collect data from distributed teams and assets in real time.

ORKO’s fluid framework already comes integrated with third-party cloud applications like Salesforce, Slack, Google Maps, Whatsapp, etc. Where ORKO can be accessed or used from these applications. However, for a few applications, the user needs to have an account on that particular application to access ORKO.